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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Memebox Hand and Nail Care special review, unboxing

Memebox Hand and Nail Care special review, unboxing
Of  late, I have been suffering from broken and peeling nails, hangnails and cuticle issues. I began taking biotin from August 1, but need to address the existing concerns asap so I can get back to nail polish.
The Memebox Hand and Nail Care Special 26 beauty box was of interest to me for this very reason. I expected it would have hand creams, a hand mask or two, nail masks, and cuticle and nail treatment products, rather than nail polish, as the word "care" was mentioned. I did not want nail polish. First of all, I rarely venture beyond my favourite polish brands. Secondly, with my nails suffering from the vagaries of the weather, air travel and an appalling schedule, I have not been wearing nail polish for a while now. This box sounded like a godsend to my battered nails.

Here is my review and unboxing of the Memebox Special 26 Hand and Nail Care box.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Ipsy Glam Bag August 2014 review, unboxing

What on earth am I doing with an Ipsy Glam Bag, you wonder? I did my third-ever beauty box swap recently and, in view of all the recent and prospective hauls I have done or will do in the near future, I decided to request US-only beauty boxes this time, rather than any particular products. Incidentally, I have a swap with Italy coming up in a month or so and hope I can sample their beauty boxes! This swap itself included Ipsy, Birchbox and so on, and I will do a separate post on everything I got. But I want to show you the Ipsy Glam Bag for August 2014 before the end of the month.
The August 2014 Ipsy bag is themed "Beauty Schooled", and is a back-to-school bag. The bag itself is white with orange polka dots and can be used as a pencil case, rather than anything else, which is in keeping with the theme.

Here are the contents of the Ipsy Glam Bag for August 2014.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Wish Trend Cleansing Box review, unboxing, photos

Wish Trend Cleansing Box review, unboxing, photos
You have seen the Memebox Special 19 Cleansing Kit yesterday here. I thought it might be a good idea to compare it with another cleansing box, also Korean, from a beauty box company I first told you about last year.
I had shown you the Wish Box 14 here and Wish Box 15 here from Wishtrend. This is Wish Box 24, All About Cleansing. This box is based on the maxim that it is more important to wash your face clean than to wear makeup. I agree. A breakout follows EVERY time I go to bed without removing all my makeup fully.
Unlike other beauty boxes, Wish Boxes come only in the external mailing box, and are released sporadically and not regularly or monthly. All boxes are pre-unboxed so you can go through the products in detail before you decide to buy, and there is no danger of nasty surprises.

Here is my review of the All About Cleansing Wish Box from Wishtrend, a Korean beauty retailer that ships worldwide.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Memebox Special 19 Cleansing Kit review, unboxing

Memebox Special 19 Cleansing Kit review, unboxing
Thanks to an acne problem which began in my adulthood, I have become very diligent about cleansing. You may have seen my cleansing stash and routine here. So when I heard Memebox had a new Cleansing Kit out, which included the six-step Korean skin cleansing routine, I bought it, of course! I had heard of the 10-step Korean skin care system, but not the six-step cleansing system, and was curious to try it out.
I expected products such as a makeup remover, a cleansing oil, a foam cleanser, an exfoliating scrub, a pore brush, wash cloth and a peeling gel in this box. Maybe a body or hair wash as well, since other themed boxes such as the Scrub box have promised products for the hair and body. Read on to see if my expectations were justified.

Here is my review and unboxing of the Memebox Special 19 Cleansing Kit.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Memebox Colour and Scent Bundles 1 review, unboxing

Memebox Colour and Scent Bundles 1 review, unboxing
We have finally come to the end of the Memebox Unboxing Week here. I no longer have a backlog of boxes from a month ago, and only have whatever shipped after August 12 to show you.
The Colour and Scent bundle unboxing posts are long overdue. Unfortunately, matters were delayed after I faced a few problems and was trying to get them resolved by Memebox.
These bundles are basically groups of three boxes, themed by scent or colour. Individually, each box costs $15, but if you buy two, you get the third gratis. So you pay $30 for three boxes, or $10 for a box. The Colour bundle includes Red, Blue and Orange boxes while the Scent bundle 1 includes Rose, Baby Powder and Grapefruit. A second Scent bundle featuring c, c, and c has been released by Memebox.
The problems were two-fold, in my case. First of all, I never received the Baby Powder box. After almost six weeks of constant emailing, tweeting, Facebook comments and messaging and Instagram comments, I concluded that I was never going to receive the Baby Powder box. Memebox gave me some Memepoints. But wait. The Blue colour box turned up with a broken lipstick. Cue three points. Details follow in the post.

Here is my review and unboxing of the Red, Blue and Orange Colour Bundle and Scent Bundle 1 - Rose and Grapefruit - boxes from Memebox.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Memebox 10 Minute beauty box review, unboxing and Jackpot Box release

Memebox 10 Minute beauty box review, unboxing
The 10 Minute Box is my Gran's favourite Memebox. Because she got three products. In fairness, I bought it because I had a tonne of points to use up and because the USP of the box did appeal.
A 10 Minute box was supposed to contain products that would get you all polished up in a mere 10 minutes before you were out of the door for a romantic night out. Sounds fabulous, innit? I take 20 minutes to get ready, post-shower, including a spot of serum or moisturiser, primer, eyeshadow, foundation, hair, lips, dressing up and everything else. Less, if I skip the second coat of mascara. But I will tell you about my everyday routine another time.

Here is the unboxing and review of the 10 Minute beauty box from Memebox.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Memebox Special 12 Vitamin Care beauty box review, unboxing

Memebox Special 12 Vitamin Care beauty box review, unboxing
You have to give it to the way Memebox comes out with themes for boxes. Milk. Whole Grain. Oriental Medicine. Gangnam Style. Pore Care. Tea and Coffee. And, proudly unboxed today, Vitamin Care.
I guessed there would be citrus and vitamin C products in there. Excellent for the skin, of course.
Memebox says the products in this box are vitamin-enriched and will revitalise, brighten and hydrate the skin and body, boost collagen production and diminish fine lines while preserving a youthful look. The products contain vitamins A, C, D and E. Sounds amazing, innit? Now you know why I HAD to buy it. The Vitamin Care box is available here, and you get three Memepoints for buying it!

Here is my review and unboxing of the Memebox Special 12 Vitamin Care beauty box.