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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Memebox OMG 2 beauty box review, unboxing, codes

Memebox OMG 2 beauty box review, unboxing, codes
I have a Memebox backlog again, but hopefully they will go up soon enough before the next lot comes in.
The OMG boxes were supposed to contain products that were kooky, weird and unusual but popular in Korea nonetheless. I had skipped the first edition, but succumbed to temptation when the second one was out and spent some time worrying about bird droppings in the ingredients. Turns out my fears were unjustified, because the first OMG box was definitely very good, but contained nothing too shocking or repulsive.

The second OMG Memebox? Take a look at my unboxing and review to find out.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Beautiful A.M. Moisturiser and P.M. Revitaliser review

Beautiful A.M. Moisturiser and P.M. Revitaliser review
No, I have not begun my own skincare brand, but that is the extent to which they personalise this moisturiser for you. Cool, innit? I am considering ordering a few with my name as stocking stuffers! That should give everyone a shock.
Since March, I have been using a face serum after cleansing. A serum is not actually a moisturiser, so above it, I apply a face moisturiser. The problem with having an oily, breakout-prone face is that 99% products out there give me acne. And, unless I moisturise, the acne treatment gives me flakes which stick out under makeup. Quite a catch-22 situation, eh?

I have been testing out the Beautiful A.M. Moisturiser and Night Revitaliser for some time now and here is my review.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Lip Factory September 2014 beauty box review, unboxing

Lip Factory September 2014 beauty box review, unboxing
Themed "Autumn Arrives", the September 2014 Lip Factory beauty box is quite early in my mailbox - I had been receiving the previous couple of boxes by the end of the month or even in the first week of the following month. For those new here, Lip Factory is a Florida-based makeup subscription box that ships out monthly. You get five or six FULL-sized makeup products, which is why this box is such a win. It costs $22 a month within the US and $32 worldwide, but that is around $5.30-6.40 per product, which is not a bad deal at all. To subscribe, hit their website and do quote my reference number 385650 to get 50 points, which you can later redeem for products or a box!

Read on for my review and unboxing of the September 2014 Lip Factory Beauty Box.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

My Fall 2014 Beauty Wishlist

My Fall 2014 Beauty Wishlist

I have had to amend my mid-year makeup wishlist, seen here. There have been just too many new launches which I absolutely need. We have all been there. Besides, I did manage to get a few of the things from my mid-year list, namely, Benefit Big Easy, Lorac Pro 2, Ciate Flower Manicure Kit, YSL Rouge Volupte Shine lipstick and IT Cosmetics Celebration foundation. I also gave up on Benefit Agent Zero Shine and the Rimmel Stay Matte Mousse foundation from the list, because neither worked for me upon swatching. Not all of the products on this wishlist are Fall releases - some have been around for a while. And, mind you, this wishlist has been edited, culled and minimised to an extent I once thought impossible.
Just when you think you have all the palettes you need, they go out and release THE mother of all palettes - it happens to me every time. This Fall, I have three palettes on my must-have list. Not to mention a bunch of other goodies, some of which you have already seen on my mid-year wishlist.

A quick look at the beauty products I want to buy this Fall.

Cutiepiemarzia Collab Memebox 2 out in a few hours!
I love the Memebox collaboration boxes, where they get a beauty blogger or vlogger to pick her favourite products for a beauty box. You can check out my review of the CoffeeBreakWithDani collab box here.
Which is why I am super-excited about Memebox's second collaboration with Cutiepiemarzia. I had missed out on the first edition, which you can see here. This box promises to be even more exciting than the previous number!
All collaboration Memeboxes are superboxes, which means the products are likely to be full-sized. And they contain cult-favourites, and are unboxed so you can see the contents before you buy! What's not to like?
Cutiepiemarzia 2 will go out on sale on September 25, 2014, at 9 a.m. PST, which means there are just hours left! Save the date and time on your schedules and grab one before the box is sold out - I believe this is one box that will sell out very quickly! Watch out for the box here. Do use code RYDX for $5 off your order :)
Disclosure: Affiliate links.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

LookFantastic beauty box September 2014 review, unboxing, photos

LookFantastic beauty box September 2014 review, unboxing, photos
Here it is. A beauty box filled with mid- to high-end brands, extremely decently sized products and no foil sachets. Meet the first-ever LookFantastic beauty box.

Before I say another word, let me tell you here and now that I bought this and it has nothing whatsoever to do with the brand or PR, nor do I get compensation for telling you all about it. I have done, what, six PR posts so far in 21 months?
Anyway. I love shopping at LookFantastic, a UK-based beauty retailer that ships worldwide. They have lovely deals and I actually got the Real Techniques Core Collection F.R.E.E. with a purchase once.
And you know, without my saying a word, that the growth of this blog has been accompanied by an increasing love of beauty boxes. When a favourite retail store has its own beauty box, you expect it to actually -  pardon the pun and the split infinitive - be fantastic.

Read on for my review and unboxing of the September 2014 LookFantastic Beauty Box.

Friday, September 19, 2014

My stock of essential beauty products

My stock of essential beauty products
If you had read this post of mine last year (, you already know I am a hoarder. I am paranoid that brands will discontinue products I love, or supplies will run out, or war will break out. I hope none of it happens, but I like being prepared by stocking up on the most essential products, namely foundation, lipstick, cleansers, applicators and other tools. And, no, I do not stock up on eyeshadow, blush, bronzers or body butters.
The problem with hoarding is that you need to keep a close watch on expiry dates and move the older products to the front of your shelves. Also, I keep an Excel sheet with dates of purchase and expiry for products that are must-haves. All these are products I use on a daily basis, so they run out long before they grow old!

Check out my bare necessities and how I have stocked up!