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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Memebox My Cute Wishlist 2 review, unboxing, deals and codes

Memebox My Cute Wishlist 2 review, unboxing, deals and codes
The car got stuck today and had to be physically lifted up by a few dozen complete strangers. Details and photos further below.
Korean and Japanese products are known for their "Kawaii" (cute or adorable) factor. Which is why you have all those lip balms shaped like candy canes, perfume bottles shaped like rabbits and hand cream jars shaped like penguins. I was thrilled to find that Memebox was coming out with the "My Cute Wishlist" beauty boxes, where you could expect to find a selection of kawaii beauty trinkets. Having missed the first edition of the box owing to work commitments - it sold out very fast - I ordered the second version.
The first Cute box was extremely good, with both cuteness and product utility. I am still kicking myself for having missed it.

Read on for my review of the My Cute Wishlist 2 from Memebox.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Memebox points giveaway winners and trekking holiday photos

Western Ghats Waynad trekking holiday photos
Hello there! If you are reading this, that means I have internet high up at around 2,000'. I am on a week-long trekking/camping/rafting/rock-climbing holiday. A rest-cure, if you will.
Anyway, before I wax eloquent about the greenery, the rivers, the fog and the mountains and the waterfalls (yep, they're all there), which actually merit a separate post, I want to announce the winners of the Memebox points giveaway. As you know, the first winner gets 30 Memepoints to buy their first box, and two others get 7 Memepoints apiece to save on postage on their first box. As everyone also gets 3 Memepoints for signing up and you can use my code B0EB for a further $5 off, that means even the third prize winner gets $15 off their first box, which is not bad at all. More below.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Third beauty swap: Ipsy, Birchbox, HauteLook samples

Third beauty swap: Beauty boxes and bags from the US
This post is long overdue - the swap took place back in July! Why can't humans figure out a way of increasing the number of hours in a day instead of making smaller and fancier gadgets?
It was with several apprehensions that I ventured into a beauty box swap a third time. The first swap, with the lovely Elle, went extremely well. My second swap, with Greek bloggers Our Beauty Wonderland, as you can see here, was an out and out disaster, with me sending over Dirty Works, Accessorize, Bourjois and so on, only to receive PR samples - foil sachets, mostly - which had been featured on the swappers' blog and were well past their expiry date. My queries to the scamming sisters Jenny and Gogo Kourakou were met with my being blocked and unfriended from their social media and my comments and emails being deleted. It was the reason I did not swap for a long time and ended up writing this post with do's and don'ts.
But this time, the girl I swapped with, Casey, offered to send me my box first and wait till I got it, so I could send her the products she wanted after making sure I was not being conned. I thought this was incredibly trusting of her, and agreed. That she was not a blogger meant that she would not be sending me PR samples. 

Read on to see what I received in my third beauty box swap!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Memebox Scent Bundle 2 review, unboxing: Tropical Fruits, Sweet Shop, Floral beauty boxes

Memebox Scent Bundle 2 review, unboxing: Tropical Fruits, Sweet Shop, Floral beauty boxes
After the fiasco that occurred over my Scent Bundle 1 from Memebox, I was not entirely surprised to receive only two boxes in the second Scent bundle as well - my external box was completely trashed and broken and Tropical Fruits was missing. But it was comparatively quicker and easier to have them send out a replacement this time. So while I am more than a month late with this review, the fact that I have all three boxes at hand is much cause for comfort. Please click on each photo to enlarge it!
Memebox Scent Bundle 2 review, unboxing: Tropical Fruits, Sweet Shop, Floral beauty boxes

For those who came in late, Memebox Scent Bundles are a group of three fragrance-themed beauty boxes where you buy two and get one free, so that is three beauty boxes for $30, which is a brilliant deal, especially if you use a discount code or points additionally. You can check out my review of the first set here.
Memebox Scent Bundle 2 review, unboxing: Tropical Fruits, Sweet Shop, Floral beauty boxes

Read on for my unboxing of the second Scent Bundle from Memebox. 

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Yellow and black shatter manicure with Barry M Croc Effect Nails 323

Yellow and black shatter manicure with Barry M Croc Effect Nails 323
Yellow is a colour I can never pull off, be it on my nails, eyes, lips or outfit. Possibly because my skin has yellow undertones - using the shade always makes me look ill.
The only way I can pull off yellow on my nails is if I cover it up almost completely, so that very little of the shade peeps through - and that is why shatter polish is the best solution. The only yellow polish I own is the Bourjois So Laque Ultra Shine in 39 Jaune Trendy.
I picked up Barry M. Croc Effect from Boots Dubai - they have a nice collection of Barry M polishes, lipsticks and other makeup. They had two shades in this range - 323, which is black, and 343, which is red.

More photos and thoughts on the Barry M Croc Effect polish in 323 below.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Memebox points giveaway for NEW customers only

If  you have never bought a Memebox so far and do not have an account with them, this one is for you, just so you make up your mind, lol. No, not for those who already have an account with Memebox, sorry. To participate in this giveaway, you will have to create a new account with Memebox and sign up for their newsletter - you can use the link here. Also, duplicate accounts will be disqualified by Memebox, who will reach out to me to pick a new winner. So please do not enter with a duplicate account.
So. Three prizes, open to new customers living in a country where Memebox ships - see the list here.
The prizes are: 
1. Thirty Memepoints for ONE winner, so you can order your first Memebox. So basically the winner gets a free Memebox of their choice!
2. Seven Memepoints for one winner to cancel out shipping.
3. Seven Memepoints for a third winner. 
Conditions from Memebox are that you MUST be a new customer, never having a Memebox account so far. And that you create an account so you can get your points. Anyone creating an account gets $3 points anyway, and the prizes are in addition! Plus, you can use my code B0EB to get $5 off your order.
Read on to enter this giveaway.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Memebox Yoghurt Superbox 56 review, unboxing, deals and codes

Memebox Yoghurt Superbox 56 review, unboxing, deals and codes
I love yoghurt, and buttermilk. As a baby, I would spit up milk so much so my paediatrician recommended yoghurt and buttermilk two or three times a day, apart from one solitary bottle of milk. I took to the idea and continue to stick to yoghurt and buttermilk, except for one milky cuppa in the morning, though I love the dairy smell. A dollop of plain yoghurt mixed with chopped parsley, a pinch of salt and pepper, a couple of sultanas and half a sauteed onion over a piece of cucumber is a rather unusual combination, but a favourite snack with me. Love it!
No way was I going to pass on a yoghurt-special Memebox! I have heard of its use as a beauty aid but have never personally applied it to my face simply because it does not last long enough uneaten. Because yoghurt is supposed to have astringent properties, I was expecting a toner in this box and thought I would have to sell or swap it, since I do not use toners. I did expect a yoghurt face mask and some moisturising cream. Let's see if my expectations were justified!

Read on for my review and unboxing of the Yoghurt Special Memebox.